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Attend our Small Group Discussion Sessions and Become a Part of Bridging the Gap Fellowship Group.

At a time when our country is so divided, it has become increasingly important to have tough conversations - conversations that birth life and community. Over the summer of 2020, men from St. James UMC, Alpharetta First UMC and Mt Pisgah UMC participated in a 4-week bible study focusing on racial reconciliation that yielded the desire for further collaboration. The goal was to cast a wider net and involve men from other churches and communities as well as ethnic backgrounds. The men from St. James, Alpharetta First and Mount Pisgah churches have come together to do just that.  As result, the Bridging the Gap Men's Fellowship Group, Inc was founded.


The Bridging the Gap Fellowship Group's Discussion Sessions are 5 lessons conducted weekly. The first and last lessons will be in-person learning while the others will be virtual. You can choose the night of the week that is best for you to take part. The completion of the Seminar is a prerequisite for membership into the Fellowship Group, however, completing the lesson does not make you an automatic member.  Upon completion, one must commit to and sign the fellowship covenant and make an annual donation of any amount greater than $10 to become a voting member of the Fellowship. The next sessions are planned for Fall of 2023. Stay tuned for updates on the exact dates!


The goals of the Small Group Discussion Sessions are to expose you to a Christian perspective of racial and ethnic relations particularly focusing on the teaching of Christ. We will examine why race is still relevant in our Churches when we all serve the same God and read from the same bible.  We will learn about prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, and racial ideologies, but will also go beyond interpersonal relations to better understand the social and institutional structures that affect day-to-day realities. We will also explore unconscious biases through group discussion and testimonies.   Each lesson has review and discussion questions that allow participants to deeply consider the personal implications of racism as well as its implications within our church. The instructional approach to the sessions are to promote open and honest cross-racial communication. This dialogue requires you to take seriously the perspective of others and actively participate in every seminar. If each participant opens their heart and mind then we will teach each other through our experiences, will analyze our own values and attitudes, will be better able to communicate among all races, and will come to appreciate the benefits of living in a diverse society.



  1. To explain the difference between not racist and antiracist

  2. To describe the different levels of racism and how these can act together to reinforce racist ideas and racist policies

  3. To apply the word of God in dealing with racial issues

  4. To apply the word of God in dealing with societal norms

  5. To encourage critical thinking about solutions to social problems.

  6. To promote personal and social responsibility.

  7. To encourage understanding of the interconnected nature of the world.

  8. To engage in meaningful and productive dialogue with others

  9. To improve our communities by building bridges across racial lines.

  10. To build new relationships.

  11. To bring people together who do not typically interact socially 

  12. To better understand other cultures.


As we focus on achieving racial harmony in the name of Jesus, the barriers of hatred and injustice will disintegrate and collapse. In the name of Jesus!!!!

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